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Designed for the beginner scheduler with new ideas and tips for even the most veteran of schedulers!


A proud exhibitor at this year's

ACSA Leadership Summit. 

California Leadership Group's Master Schedule Building Course is a master course in secondary schedule building that you can enroll in and complete on your schedule, and at a very budget friendly price.  You will learn the theory behind schedule building and then be provided templates and guidelines that you can put to use in creating a powerful schedule for your students, teachers and school.


Students will learn the following Master Scheduling concepts:

  • How to build your master schedule to reflect the culture and climate on your campus

  • How to identify and recruit members of your master scheduling team

  • ​How to build an equitable schedule for all students on campus

  • How to build a Course Request Form that streamlines your course selection process

  • How to assign FTEs mindfully and strategically to maximize the potential of your schedule

  • How to effectively use conflict matrices, course requests summaries, prep period summaries, and grade level course distribution data to build your master schedule.

  • How to build a process that can be repeated year after year - we provide you with the tools and templates to help build your master schedule each step of the way! 

Secondary Master Schedule Building Course:  $185

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